Roures is located in the middle of pre-pirineus, at an altitude of 1.200 metres, surrounded by forests full of mushrooms in the autumn and spring, snow in winter, and with the best weather conditions to walk around our routes during summer.

We have the tack of the “bons home” (the good man) close to us, after its beginning on the hill of Queralt and on its way through Espinalbet.

We are on the lower slope of the mountains Estela and Roc Auró, and very close from Rasos de Peguera, where was founded the first Catalan ski resort.


Els Roures Restaurant was built in 1976 as a family business in the village of Espinalbet, where virtually alone there were four houses surrounding the church, where they were to spend a few days the people outside. Nor was light or telephone. The light was made with a generator until the end of 1984 there were no electrical current, the first telephone of the people came in 1986.

The place was built thinking of mountain tourism, and became a paperback, where the main elements are wood and stone, and a large fire forging 3m diameter and a grill cook for the grills.

In 1984, it was decided to expand the kitchen and the store, to work better, and the local comprehensive, so that was built another room. Later was a porch that favored the aesthetics of the building, near the entrance. During all these years have been arranging the interior and exterior space to adapt to the changing times.

In forest, which itself already has a great charm, he did stone tables and a fountain where you can eat. There has also been a locked with ducks, chickens, etc. ... And an area with games for children to distract the little ones.

Later 5 apartments were built rustic, fully equipped, right next to the restaurant.

This entire set of kitchen, the local environment and make this company a claim for the tourist district.



Proposal anti stress for two.

It Includes:
Friday night with spa and tasting dinner in the restaurant.
Typical breakfast in the restaurant on Saturday and Sunday.
Relaxing massage and spa with sauna the evening of Saturday.
Bathrobe and towel rental.
Nonreturnable slippers.
Possibility of excursions around.

Price: 344.54€ including VAT.